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The Nutrisystem Family Plan

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Nutrisystem Success: New Weight Loss Program for Diabetic

For years, Nutrisystem D has helped people with type 2 diabetes achieve real weight loss results. And now, we're making our most complete program better than ever with even more personalized plans to fit everyone's budget and everyone's needs.


Low-Glycemic program including 28 days of perfectly
     portioned meals

Balanced meal plan consistent with the
     recommendations of the ADA

Optimized nutrition & optional protein shakes to help
     promote satiety

Access to dietitians and support, plus tools & trackers

My Daily 3 personalized activity plans to help you live
     active each day

Transition and maintenance plans to help you learn
     how to keep the weight off

Coralee lost 45 lbs.
*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. In clinical studies, subjects on Nutrisystem D, with counseling sessions, lost an average of about 14 lb in 3 mos, and 18 lb in 6 mos. Weight loss on prior Nutrisystem program. Individuals are remunerated.

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Women’s Diabetic
Men’s Diabetic

Optimized Nutrition for Diabetes

Low Glycemic Diet for Diabetes

Glycemic Index measures how carbs affect your blood sugar

Low-GI "good carbs" digest slowly and help keep your blood sugar stable

Helps promote satiety and stabilize blood sugar throughout the day

Balanced Diet for Diabetes

Program developed to be consistent with nutritional recommendations of the American Diabetes Association

Women's and Men's Diabetic Programs provide an average of 1250 to 1500 calories respectively, and less than 2300 mg of sodium per day (lower sodium options available)

Add in fresh grocery items from our SmartCarbs, PowerFuels and Vegetables categories to complete a well-rounded diet

Added Protein

Helps you feel fuller throughout the day

Helps you retain more muscle while losing weight

Nutrisystem Menu Items

Enjoy 6 portion controlled meals a day as part of a low-Glycemic meal plan to help control blood sugar and avoid "carb loading"

Nutrisystem® Omega-3 Softgels provide a natural source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids in a convenient one-a-day supplement

Gourmet, fresh-frozen cuisine including Chef's Table™ entrees from our acclaimed Culinary Council

Delicious ready-to-go menu items that are specially packaged for portability to fit your busy lifestyle








Still not 100% sure how it works? Check out what a typical week on Nutrisystem looks like:
Find out what fun, fresh grocery foods you'll be adding in along with your Nutrisystem meals:

Fitness and Activity for Diabetes

My Daily 3 Fitness Program

Designed to make it easy to incorporate activity into your daily life

Create an overall healthier lifestyle and optimize weight loss efforts

Get moving with 10-minute activity sessions, 3 times a day

Personalized plans and hundreds of activities to choose from

Based on the Physical Activity Guidelines For Americans

Nutrisystem Fitness Program

Free Weight Loss Support Tools from Nutrisystem

Enjoy valuable features designed to help you succeed.

Direct phone support from counselors and dietitians is available
Plan and track your day with our comprehensive Daily Planner
Log your progress with interactive tools and trackers
Connect with people just like you through our dynamic community
Gain insight and inspiration from real-life Nutrisystem Success Stories

Weight Loss Transition and Maintenance Plans

Holistic approach to better health with help for each stage of
your journey

Learn lifelong habits to help maintain your weight loss so you can manage your diabetes

Enjoy the Nutrisystem foods you love while preparing healthy meals on your own

Same plans include At Home Tool Kit to help make eating well an easy part of everyday life

Maintaining Weight Loss

Nutrisystem D: Clinically Proven Diet Plan for People with Diabetes

Clinical Test Results showed that compared to a control group, study participants on Nutrisystem D in combination with weekly counseling sessions††:






Clinically Proven Nutrisystem D
†† 3-month clinical study at Temple University School of Medicine and published in the journal Postgraduate Medicine. Insulin
    users were excluded. Not all menu items were included in the study. Study funded through a research grant from Nutrisystem.
    Clinical Test Results on a prior Nutrisystem D program.
Get a sneak peek at what people are saying about Success!

We gave a few members a chance to check out the new Nutrisystem Success program, and here's
what they had to say:

"The new program really removes all the guesswork. Everything is spelled out in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly format. And I think that the shakes are hugely beneficial—delicious and super portable. They're awesome!—Margo
"I think the Success Program is very simple and even easier to comprehend and follow. As a huge fan of fitness, I was excited to see the addition of My Daily 3 to help everyone move their bodies. And the protein shake? Yum, yum, and more yum!—Christie