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Slow and Steady

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Thursday 03/05/2015

Beyond your bubble

Step outside your comfort zone


Wednesday 03/04/2015

Time for your close up

Kissing camera-shy goodbye


Tuesday 03/03/2015

Tuesday Top 10

Share your proudest moments



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Customer Close-Up

Members share personal memories about their journeys to success

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I'm loving every moment of my life."—Charlene

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Now I can be a role model for my family."—Tamara

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We can finally go shopping for new pants!"—Beeb & Jai

In The Know

Nutrisystem experts weigh in on weight loss

Keep in mind when you go to a party it’s not all about the food. Revel in the celebration of the event that is important to you—a birthday, an anniversary, or recognition of some sort. Enjoy the company and conversation with friends or family, and use that time to tell them about your success on the program!

Lindsay Winneberger

Nutrisystem Counselor