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Introducing livingthedream_Lindsay, a copy editor and former “drive-through junkie” who decided to take control of her health and happiness a year ago, and has hit the ground running ever since—literally!

What made you decide to try Nutrisystem?
“I joined Nutrisystem because I didn't know how to eat properly. I needed structure and I needed guidance. I had gotten so lazy and apathetic that I relied on frozen pizza and fast food—I even made meals out of mozzarella cheese sticks. I needed help! Finally, after tallying a month's worth of food purchases, I realized my wallet couldn't take the hit anymore. If I was willing to spend that much money on junk, then why couldn't I put that money toward something healthy?
About 10 years ago, I took drastic measures to lose weight. And that was the goal—to lose weight. I started intensively exercising and eating less. I wasn't eating better, just eating less. I lost about 50 pounds. But as soon as the exercise stopped, the weight piled back on because I hadn't changed my eating habits. But this time, the goal is to get healthy. Losing weight and exercising are just awesome bonuses.”

That decision seems to be working for you—you’ve lost more than 100 pounds!
“Taking this step for myself, not because my parents or doctor said I need to, has made the difference. I've learned to build up my willpower and not be overcome with lust for food simply because it's nearby. Having a Nutrisystem dessert every day made it easier to say no to offered goodies. What I brought with me to work was more satisfying and delicious than anything off-plan. My coworkers constantly offered candy and chocolate. But, after a few months of saying no to those temptations, it became easier. It was difficult to say “no” to coworkers when starting a new job, but I quickly realized something. If I'm tempted to eat something unhealthy, for the sake of being liked, what kind of relationship am I trying to establish? I want to be appreciated for me, not because I eat chocolate with them.”

You are an active blogger. Has writing about your journey helped you through it?
“Being able to write about my journey is a key element in why I chose Nutrisystem. Communicating through words has always been easier than verbal communication. So being able to write about my experiences is much more comfortable for me. Writing and blogging has helped me track my progress. I can see how my focus has shifted from worrying about the scale as the sole indicator of my success and have turned to looking at non-scale victories, such as being more comfortable in my own skin.”

How has the Nutrisystem Community helped you to succeed?
“The community is incredible! There is so much support and encouragement. It's just amazing. Any time I'm having a rough day, I visit the blogs and see success. And when I'm struggling, I visit the community and offer encouragement to someone else. It always makes me feel better to support someone else because I don't feel alone anymore. My problem will pass soon enough.

About a month after starting this journey, I faced a job move and relocated out of state. I turned to the discussion boards for support. I found a challenge for staying 100% on plan each day. I joined, knowing I needed the accountability during the move and when getting settled. It has been an awesome experience. The people in that group have been so supportive and encouraging! It's really helped knowing that there are others who care about me. And when enjoying a meal at a restaurant, knowing I'll have to admit my decision the next day has helped me make wiser choices.”

On your page, you talk about your love for running. How did this hobby evolve with your journey?
“Running gives me a chance to think and clear my head. I wanted to get back to it when I started Nutrisystem, but I knew I needed to lose a lot of weight before it became a safe option. So I set a goal of re-introducing running when I hit 240 pounds. I could barely get through 30 minutes of walking, but you have to start somewhere. Over time, I worked my way up to 60 minutes and, as I approached 250 pounds, I found my legs getting antsy for change. So I started jogging a bit. In January, I heard friends making New Year's resolutions to complete a 5K, and felt ready to do something similar. So I looked into the Couch-to-5k® program and began following that. Soon, I'll begin training for a half-marathon. I'm so excited! I didn't set out to have such a lofty goal so soon, but a friend was recruiting people to do a half-marathon on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society®, and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I never thought getting healthy could be so fun and rewarding.”

What would you say to someone who doubts that they can lose weight?
“You have to take it one day at a time. What helped me was losing the "all-or-nothing" approach. If you slip up, relax. You haven't undone all of your hard work. What matters most is acknowledging the slip, and recommitting to the program right away so it doesn't snowball into three or four days of bad eating. The more you string together days of sticking to the program, the easier it will be.

I’d also advise getting involved online. There are plenty of groups that offer accountability in many different ways.”

What is the biggest difference you've noticed in your life since losing the weight?
“The biggest difference has been my energy level. I wake up excited about the new day. Also, I can enjoy new activities. I recently went kayaking with some friends, and I didn't have to worry about sifting through a stack of lifejackets before finding the biggest one. One of the coolest discoveries is that when I go home to visit my family. I could easily justify going off-plan—after all, I don't get to see them too often and it's a celebration. But I’ve found that my body craves the healthier food. I keep looking for ways to add more veggies. And this is coming from someone who hated vegetables growing up.”

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Weight lost on a prior Nutrisystem® program.


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