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This month, our Member Spotlight honor goes to Baubs, a father of five who has dropped an astounding 85 lbs. Baubs lost 7 lbs on Fast 5™ in his first week, and 78 lbs on the Nutrisystem® My Way® program.*

Baubs’s motivation was his family, specifically his autistic son whose fear of losing his dad to an unhealthy lifestyle finally got Baubs to “quit quitting” and make things happen. And did he ever—in addition to losing the weight, he also took home one of our $10,000 Grand Prizes in the Nutrisystem Great Escape $40,000 Giveaway!

So, congratulations on the big win! How did it feel when you got the news that you’d won $10,000?
Beyond elated would best sum it up. When I got the call I wish there had been a camera because it was one of those TV moments. They told me and I didn't believe them; I think I asked them to repeat themselves a few times. But for me it wasn't even the money. Don’t’ get me wrong—it's the coolest thing ever. But it was the validation that the average person can do extraordinary things.

Your blog posts definitely have a lot of heart and emotion. What got you started blogging?
When I started Nutrisystem, I was very quiet; I didn’t even know there was a MyPage. But I found it, filled it out, then saw the blogs from there, and thought, “Why not share my info?” It was the next day when I found I had friend requests; people had not only read my blog, but they responded to it. I thought that if I was struggling with the same things other people were, why not let them know they are not alone—and that you can get through it.

You mention on your blog that one of the things you’re best at is quitting. So why haven’t you quit Nutrisystem?
Quitting is just so easy. When I would try to eat right, if I had a single bad moment, like a donut or some pizza, I would say, “Well that day is ruined.” And if it was a Monday, the whole week was a wash. Now, I use my family as a motivator; I use my health as a motivator. You have to learn to quit quitting, plain and simple.

It sounds like your family was the catalyst that really got your weight loss moving.
I have five sons; they, along with my wife, are my life. I have the privilege of being a dad to an autistic son and would not trade him for anything; his view of the world is so unique, and so much truer than others. When he came to me and told me he did not want me to die because he would be all alone, it crushed me. I took a look at the raw truth and saw how life would be not just for my autistic son, but all my sons—and my wife, too—if I wasn’t there.

Has exercise always been a part of your routine?
I have tried from time to time to exercise, but very much like my “diets” I would always find an excuse not to. I remember back to the first day of Nutrisystem when I went to the gym. As I started to log my daily food intake, I would log my exercise, too. It is seriously all about the log; it helps keep you accountable. As the weight comes off, and your ability to exercise increases, you get more motivated. My objective now is to start a lifting/cardio program that allows me to start sculpting my physique and turn it into something I’ve never had, but secretly always wanted.

You run a bowling alley, so I have to ask: has your game improved since losing weight? What about your golf game?
Both my bowling game and my golf game have suffered a bit, but that is a good thing, actually. I have to relearn some things, because for so many years I had to maneuver around the belly. But it’s a great problem to have because I have put myself back to where I can enjoy three games on a league night without a single ounce of knee pain. And, better yet, I can put on a golf shirt, shorts and a belt without seeing the top of the shorts folded over my shirt!

*Expect to lose 5 lbs in your first week for an average of 1-2 lbs per week on the program. Compensated Customer.


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