Track Your Weight Loss the Fun Way—With Nutribears!

What is the Nutribears program?

The Nutribears program is a fun and motivational incentive program that rewards you for the weight you've lost on Nutrisystem. It's a great way to add even more motivation to your weight loss journey, and help you continue your success until your goal is reached.

How can I receive Nutribears?

If you're a current customer and have lost or are losing weight on the Nutrisystem program, you're eligible to receive Nutribears. You'll receive an adorable Nutribear for each weight loss milestone you reach throughout your journey—meet them all below! And when you've reached your goal weight, you'll get your very own Goal Bear. Just log your weight with NuMi—it's that simple! Visit to get started.

Lose 5 lbs. in your first week
plus 1 inch off your waist**

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Jump-start your weight loss with Fast 5+–a specially
designed first week included with your 28-Day
Nutrisystem® program
–and drop your first 5 lbs. plus 1"
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  • • New food selection for fast results in your first week
  • • NEW Expert Guides with must-have weight loss tips
  • • 7 FREE Energi–ZING™ shakes to rev your metabolism†
  • • 7 FREE Craving Crusher™ shakes to fight off hunger†

**Lose 5 lbs your first week, for an avg. of 1-2 lbs per week on program.
Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.
† Fast 5+ and free week of shakes with 28-Day program, first order only. Lock in 2014 prices and free shipping (Continental U.S. only) on every consecutive 28-Day Auto-Delivery order delivered while on program.

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Meet the Nutribears!

Here they are...the Nutribears! Look forward to welcoming them into your
home with each successful step you take toward your weight loss goal.

10 lbs. lost&8212;Pound, The Original Nutribear!
10 lbs. lost—Pound, The Original Nutribear!
Pound says congratulations on your initial weight loss. She's here to keep you motivated as you continue toward your goal weight.
20 lbs. lost0Commitment Bear!
20 lbs. lost—Commitment Bear!
Losing 20 lbs. proves you have the commitment you need to succeed, but a little inspiration from Commitment couldn't hurt!
30 lbs. lost—Community Bear!
30 lbs. lost—Community Bear!
Community Bear says take advantage of the support systems around you. Whether in a chat room or living room, don't be shy about your goals.
40 lbs. lost—Determination Bear!
40 lbs. lost—Determination Bear!
You said you would do it and you did! That's 40 lbs. down and your very own Determination Bear to boot.
50 lbs. lost—Encouragement Bear!
50 lbs. lost—Encouragement Bear!
Wow! Losing 50 lbs. is a great accomplishment. Encouragement Bear hopes you will help other people reach their weight loss goals.
60 lbs. lost—Focus Bear!
60 lbs. lost—Focus Bear!
You set your mind to it and you stuck to your meal plan. Focus Bear wants to be the fuzzy little reminder that helps you lose more weight.
70 lbs. lost—Willpower Bear!
70 lbs. lost—Willpower Bear!
Just in case you need a little extra help, Willpower Bear is here to keep you on track until you reach your goal.
80 lbs. lost—Workout Bear!
80 lbs. lost—Workout Bear!
Workout Bear is always on the go. She's the perfect walking partner, even on the rainiest of days.



90 lbs. lost—Success Bear!
90 lbs. lost—Success Bear!
Success Bear is your biggest fan. Giver her a good home, and you'll never forget what you've accomplished.
100 lbs. lost—Dedication Bear!
100 lbs. lost—Dedication Bear!
Dedication Bear is the rarest of bears. After losing 100 lbs., Dedication knows you have the strength to do just about anything.
125 lbs. lost—Triumph Bear!
125 lbs. lost—Triumph Bear!
Here's to your winning spirit! You've shown that no matter what, you can do it. You're a champ!
150 lbs. lost—Hero Bear!
150 lbs. lost—Hero Bear!
Cheers to the champion in your heart, and all the strength it took to get here. You are this bear's hero. He knew you could do it!
175 lbs. lost—Inspiration Bear!
175 lbs. lost—Inspiration Bear!
YOU are my inspiration! You give hope to those around you. Let your light shine!
200 lbs. lost—Victory Bear!
200 lbs. lost—Victory Bear!
This bear, like your success, knows no boundaries. Beyond everything, you prevailed. Victory is yours!
Goal Bear!
Goal Bear!
You did it! Goal Bear wants to give you a big high five. She's your I-Can-Keep-The-Weight-Off lucky charm as you begin your maintenance program.

Log your weight with NuMi® to earn Nutribears!

Visit or download the easy-to-use app to track your weight and earn Nutribears. It's a fun way to celebrate your hard work and determination as you work toward your weight loss goal.

Visit to get started!



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